Friday, November 20, 2020

Biden Vows To 'Collaborate' with Communist China; Senate Investigators: New Records 'confirm' Troubling Biden Family Links to China and Russia, and other Biden News

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Biden Vows To 'Collaborate' with Communist China:
The United States is at a crossroads.
Down one path is American exceptionalism — an unapologetic continuation of the nation’s 244-year status as a shining beacon of industry, liberty and freedom.
Follow the other road and you’ll arrive at globalism, where America usually finds itself playing second fiddle for the benefit of other nations.
If it wasn’t clear before, we now have conclusive proof as to which direction presumptive president-elect Joe Biden plans to take our country.
Now, the man who assured Americans that China wasn’t going to eat our lunch is openly promising to “collaborate” with the communist regime ruling the country. --->READ MORE HERE
Senate investigators: New records 'confirm' troubling Biden family links to China and Russia:
A Senate investigation into Hunter Biden and his business dealings in China and other countries released new findings that a pair of leading GOP senators said bolsters allegations of problems involving President-elect Joe Biden’s son.
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson unveiled what they called a "supplemental" to the report they published in late September, in the thick of the 2020 election, an effort that was panned by critics as a partisan attempt to damage the elder Biden's image and led to claims that the Republicans were dabbling in Russian disinformation, which the GOP investigators denied as baseless, insisting their effort was grounded in documented facts and had uncovered troubling connections.
“These new records confirm the connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese government, as well as the links between Hunter Biden’s business associates and the Russian government, and further support the Committees’ September 23, 2020 report’s finding that such relationships created counterintelligence and extortion concerns,” the senators wrote in the five-page report, which was followed by 65 pages of evidence. --->READ MORE HERE
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