Friday, October 23, 2020

Trump v. Biden 2029 Presidential Debate: Reactions, Take-Aways, and FULL VIDEO of Debate


Winners and losers from the final debate

Biden Repeats Version Of PolitiFact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’: If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan

Debate Reactions: Biden Dark, Fearful; Trump Hopeful, Optimistic

Trump Hits Biden’s Agenda: Why Didn’t You Do It 4 Years Ago? I Ran Because Of You.

Trump Grills Biden On Fracking. Biden Tells Him To Prove It With Video; Trump Does Just That.

Fact Check: Trump Is Right, Joe Biden Wrong, on ‘Xenophobia’

Joe Biden Dodges When Asked if He Would Make China Pay for Coronavirus

Trump: We Cannot Just Lock Ourselves in Our Basement During Coronavirus Like Joe Biden

Biden: 'Not a Single Person on Private Insurance' Lost It 'Under Obamacare'— Fact Check: FALSE

Biden Peddled Debunked Lie That Russia Is Behind Hunter Biden’s Corruption Revelations

Trump: 'Who Built the Cages, Joe?'

Trump Nails Biden: You & Your Family Are Like a Bunch of Vacuum Cleaners Sucking Up Money

Trump Has More Success Drilling Biden on Oil than on Dirt

Trump has debate of his life — but is it too late?

Biden stuns Trump by pledging to 'transition' from oil-and-gas industry


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