Saturday, October 31, 2020

The Same Organization That Brought Us Lockdown Now Scaremongering Over 'reinfection'; Americans Shouldn't Have to Suffer Another Lockdown, and Other C-Virus Updates

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Horowitz: The same organization that brought us lockdown now scaremongering over 'reinfection':
How ironic that the media are turning to the same institution that induced the unprecedented first wave of panic to create long-term panic
The same Imperial College of London that wrongly scared the world into lockdown by exponentially overstating the projected casualties of COVID-19 during the first few months is now scaremongering about a supposed lack of immunity to the virus. The problem is its own research demonstrates why most people are already partially immune, even prior to infection, and will certainly not be worse off in terms of long-term immunity after getting the virus.
It has now become clear that the virus is "gonna virus," regardless of what countries do in terms of non-pharmaceutical interventions. The virus will spread to every part of the world until a majority of people are exposed to it in some way. Now that people are increasingly coming to peace with this fact, the Imperial College of London is warning that immunity cannot be achieved and implying that people can get reinfected in a clinically meaningful way in large numbers. And the media are running with it. "COVID-19 herd immunity theory dealt blow by U.K. research," read an emphatically panicked headline from the Financial Times on Tuesday.
There is simply no evidence to support this hypothesis and no reason to believe that the multi-layered immune response to SARS-CoV-2 should be different from that of any other respiratory virus. Moreover, to the extent the pro-lockdown crowd is correct about immunity, then we are all doomed anyway because there is no logical reason why a vaccine for a flu-like virus, which has never worked for any coronavirus to begin with, would somehow work against a virus that does not induce immunity through natural infection. --->READ MORE HERE
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Americans shouldn't have to suffer another COVID-19 lockdown:
On the coronavirus, President Donald Trump strikes the right tone. His Democratic rival Joe Biden, on the other hand — well, off the mark is putting is kindly. Off the rails is more like it.
Americans, at this point in time, are fearing lockdowns, shutdowns and total economic clampdowns much more than they’re fearing the virus.
And Trump’s calm but “we’re going to make it through this” messaging versus Biden’s “let’s listen to the lockdown-loving experts on this” is what America needs to hear right now. It’s what America needs to see put in place. --->READ MORE HERE
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