Friday, October 9, 2020

The Biggest Mask Hypocrites Wear Masks

Showing that you care means that you don’t actually have to care.
In June, Speaker Pelosi called for a national mask mandate forcing everyone in the country to wear masks. That same month, she tweeted a photo of a Congressional meeting with the brother of George Floyd, the ex-con whose death after a struggle with police led to nationwide race riots, and numerous injuries and deaths, while her nose and mouth remained uncovered.
In July, she ordered that any member of the House not wearing a mask be forcibly removed.
The media had spent the summer touting her “fashionable” and fashionably pricey masks from a small boutique in Virginia using fabric imported from Venice as the makings of a “style icon”.
In September, Pelosi was caught in a salon that was supposed to be closed without a mask.
The biggest mask hypocrites wear masks. As long as they think the cameras are on and people are paying attention. The moment they’re not signaling their virtue, the masks come off.
"Why don’t the NYPD wear masks? What signal does that send?" Governor Cuomo ranted.
The New York governor, whose order forcing nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients may have killed as many as 11,000 seniors, had previously accused President Trump of being "a co-conspirator of COVID" for not wearing a mask.
Meanwhile, at the height of the pandemic in New York, Cuomo signed an anti-police bill, closely flanked by Al Sharpton and police opponents, with nobody wearing masks.
“If you leave home, you should wear a mask," Mayor Bowser announced. “This means, if you’re waiting for a bus, you must have on a mask. If you are ordering food at a restaurant, you must have on a mask. If you’re sitting in a cubicle in an open office, you must have on a mask.”
The only people exempted from the Washington D.C. mask mandate were children under 3 and government employees.
“It's simple: Wear a mask. Save lives. Stop the spread,” Bowser insisted. Except it wasn’t.
Even though Bowser’s order had exempted district and federal employees, she dispatched investigators to the Trump International Hotel over a photo of President Trump not wearing a mask.
Meanwhile Bowser could be seen at numerous press conferences not wearing a mask.
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