Friday, October 23, 2020

Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Border Wall Funding, ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy; Pres Trump's Census Illegal Immigrant Order, and related stories

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Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Border Wall Funding, ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy:
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear cases pertaining to two of the Trump administration’s most contentious policies: the use of Pentagon funds to construct a U.S.-Mexico border wall, and the “Remain in Mexico” policy mandating that asylum-seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are processed in the U.S
The Court revealed in a routine order list on Monday that it would hear the cases, which could be among the first for Judge Amy Coney Barrett if Senate Republicans succeed in confirming her to the Court bench. Barrett’s confirmation would cement a 6-3 conservative majority on the Court.
Trump demanded funding for a border wall in the 2019 federal budget, but House Democrats refused to include such funding in the final legislation. The president initially declined to accept the budget without funding, leading to the longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history. --->READ MORE HERE
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Supreme Court to rule on Trump's census illegal immigrant order:
The Supreme Court said Friday it will speed a case to decide whether President Trump can exclude illegal immigrants from the census count he will submit to Congress to allocate seats in the U.S. House for the coming decade.
The justices said they’ll hear oral arguments Nov. 30.
Mr. Trump asked the Census Bureau to produce two broad counts of the country’s population this year. The first is the usual count of all residents. For the second, he asked the bureau to try to subtract out illegal immigrants.
He wants to submit that second count to Congress for use in divvying up the 435 seats in the House. The difference between the counts could shift a couple of seats away from large states with significant illegal immigrant populations. --->READ MORE HERE
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