Saturday, October 24, 2020

New COVID Studies Spell Doom for Democrats' Narrative; Pfizer Begins Testing COVID-19 Vaccine On Adolescents and other C-Virus Updates

New COVID Studies Spell Doom for Democrats' Narrative:
We received good news about the coronavirus crisis earlier this month on Twitter, when tweets seemed to indicate we’d solved COVID-related unemployment.
These weren’t statistics that were being tweeted, mind you. I just noticed the number of tweets with the hashtag #TrumpHasCovid after the president was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this month. Most of them were vaguely celebratory and written by people apparently unafraid their social media activity would get back to HR.
Jobs are so plentiful, for instance, that people were unabashed about celebrating the fact President Donald Trump was so weak he couldn’t walk up the full set of stairs on Air Force One.
Hey, here’s a #TrumpHasCovid tweet with a dog peeing on a Trump 2020 sign! (“HE IS DA BEST BOY, he knows wut he’s doing,” moral exemplar @em_fl64 informed us about the doggo involved, who was no way induced to do this by an owner who thought the president getting a potentially deadly disease was hee-larious.)
Need someone to make mephitic a “Mexico will pay for the cure” dad joke? There’s a tweet for that. --->READ MORE HERE
Pfizer begins testing COVID-19 vaccine on adolescents:
Pfizer has begun testing its COVID-19 vaccine on teens and preteens — amid concerns among some US pediatricians that they might not know if any shots can protect children from the virus in time for the next school year.
The pharmaceutical giant last week received permission to test its vaccine on US kids as young as 12 — one of only a handful of global attempts to determine whether any shots being tested on adults can also be effective in children.
Katelyn Evans, 16, was the first teen to get an injection in the Pfizer study at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
“I just figured the more people they have to do tests on, the quicker they can put out a vaccine and people can be safe and healthy,” Evans said. --->READ MORE HERE
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