Monday, October 26, 2020

Joe Biden Said He's Got a Great 'VOTER FRAUD Organization' Going; Kamala Campaigns to People Standing in Line To Vote; No Signature Match? No Postmark? No Problemo! and related stories

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Joe's Freudian Sniff? Joe Biden Just Said He's Got a Great 'VOTER FRAUD Organization' Going:
Some people who have seen the hastily hatched post-COVID voter rules in Democrat states know there are some serious ballot shenanigans going on this election. Now, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has wittingly – or unwittingly – confirmed it. You just never know with Joe.
Was he misspeaking or just opening his mouth and removing the filter between his brain and mouth? Was it a Joe Bidenesque Freudian slip sniff?
Biden was holding a rare campaign event – via video – when he boastfully proclaimed that his campaign operates “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
Worse? He was cribbing from notes. --->READ MORE HERE
Watch: Kamala Harris Campaigns to People Standing in Line To Vote:
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris stirred concerns of election law violations Saturday as she made a last-minute pitch to voters standing in line to cast their ballots.
The California senator stopped outside the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland, where a long line of voters had formed on the first day of early voting in Ohio, according to
“Thank you for voting and voting early,” Harris said. “Your vote is your voice, your voice is your vote. There is so much at stake. Don’t let anyone ever take your power. The power of your voice is so important. You are going to make the difference.” --->READ MORE HERE
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