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I've Had It With These 'Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.' You Can't Be Pro-Life and Pro-Biden; Joe Biden Supports ‘Ultimate Child Abuse’: Abortion, and related stories

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I've Had It With These 'Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.' You Can't Be Pro-Life and Pro-Biden:
Let’s get one thing straight. Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life. Whether by scalpel or chemical abortifacient, abortion ends the life of a human being—a child with his own fingerprints, heartbeat, brain waves, and DNA. A child who can feel pain beginning at 12 weeks after conception.
Let’s get another thing straight: You can’t be pro-life and pro-Joe Biden.
Some so-called evangelicals think they can have it both ways. In an op-ed at the Christian Post, Ron Sider and Richard Mouw defend a statement urging pro-life evangelicals to vote for Joe Biden.
“Climate change already kills untold thousands and will soon kill tens of millions unless we change,” the pair writes. “The overwhelming scientific consensus is that unless we quickly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases causing global warming that we send into the atmosphere, many millions will die. The poor will suffer the most. But Donald Trump denies the near scientific consensus on climate change and has made numerous policy decisions that make things much worse. Climate change is a pro-life issue.”
“As pro-life evangelicals, we disagree with Vice President Biden and the Democratic platform on the issue of abortion,” the statement declares, “But we believe that a biblically shaped commitment to the sanctity of human life compels us to a consistent ethic of life that affirms the sanctity of human life from beginning to end.”
What does the statement’s “consistent ethic of life” look like? --->READ MORE HERE
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Tennessee Bishop — Joe Biden Supports ‘Ultimate Child Abuse’: Abortion:
The bishop of Knoxville, Tennessee, said Friday that Joe Biden supports the “ultimate abuse” of human dignity–abortion–comparing the practice to slavery.
“If a person supports or promotes abortion, it is no different than supporting slavery,” Bishop Rick Stika wrote on Twitter. “It is the ultimate abuse against human dignity and the human rights of the baby. It is the ultimate act of child abuse.”
In separate tweets, Bishop Stika also took issue with Catholic politicians who support abortion, insisting that they are supporting the “ultimate child abuse.”
“I find it difficult to understand how any person with any sense of human dignity can support abortion, especially if one has any faith,” the bishop wrote. “Biden and the rest wish to allow the ultimate child abuse and the greatest against humanity, abortion.” --->READ MORE HERE
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