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In Staying Closed, Schools Ignore Low COVID-19 Rates, Needs of Families; REPORT: Deaths rates among hospitalized COVID-19 patients declining, and other C-Virus Updates

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In Staying Closed, Schools Ignore Low COVID-19 Rates, Needs of Families:
At what would normally be the end of the first academic quarter for most K-12 schools, millions of students still have not set foot in a classroom.
Many haven’t done so since March.
Evidence continues to mount that COVID-19 affects children the least, and ad hoc school district e-learning platforms, hastily assembled in the spring, are driving families away from assigned schools
Some of the largest school districts in the U.S. are still offering only online instruction, despite reports of losing contact with thousands of students, from Philadelphia to Houston to Los Angeles, when districts went online earlier this year.
According to reports, districts have still not been able to reach those students.
School officials have the unenviable task of balancing health and safety concerns with student learning, but those leaders should be considering the research on the spread of COVID-19 and the needs of local families and children in making reopening decisions.
Yet some district leaders are doing neither. --->READ MORE HERE
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Deaths rates among hospitalized COVID-19 patients declining: report:
Death rates among hospitalized COVID-19 patients have declined sharply since the height of the pandemic, according to two peer-reviewed studies cited in a new report.
The decline in deaths were recorded across age groups and among those with pre-existing health conditions, NPR reported. The data indicate doctors may have improved their ability to treat the coronavirus.
One of the studies, which was conducted between March and August, found the death rate among thousands of hospitalized coronavirus patients plummeted by 18 percent, according to the report. --->READ MORE HERE
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