Thursday, October 15, 2020

ILLEGALS Bank on Biden Win to Improve Plight; Blexit Event Attendee: Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Community, and related stories

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Illegal immigrants bank on Biden win to improve plight:
Illegal immigrants from Central America streamed into Mexico earlier this year, betting that a Democrat winning the White House next month would dramatically improve the odds of being able to continue north, successfully jump the U.S. border and gain a foothold.
“I want Trump out,” one Honduran migrant, cradling her child, told the Center for Immigration Studies during a January fact-finding mission. “I’ll wait for that because it would make things easier to get it.”
If Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden wins the presidency next month, he is likely to pay off on the woman’s bet.
Mr. Biden has vowed to wipe away as much of President Trump’s immigration policies as possible, and given how much Mr. Trump has done through executive action, there is much Mr. Biden can nix with the stroke of a pen. --->READ MORE HERE
Blexit Event Attendee: Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Community:
Illegal immigration harms black Americans by consuming resources for public education and driving up housing costs, explained Marcus, an attendee of a demonstration on Saturday outside the White House arranged by Candace Owens’s Blexit organization.
Breitbart News asked Marcus, one of hundreds of demonstrators, what he would tell President Donald Trump if given the chance.
Marcus replied:
I would tell [Trump] to work on the immigration situation. When it comes to black folks and immigration, it really hurts the black community when illegals come into the community. They go straight to the black neighborhoods. They don’t go into Georgetown, Beverly Hills, or places like that. We have to fight for those resources, so I think if we can really get a handle on illegal immigration, it would really help out the black community. --->READ MORE HERE
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