Friday, October 2, 2020

Gen. Michael Flynn: If America Falls, Where Will You Go?

Where will you go to find another country that provides the opportunities and individual guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness outlined in our founding documents and guaranteed by a government of, by and for the people?
Name a country that offers you and your family the same or more than our United States of America? The answer is: Nowhere; there isn’t such a place.
This is our land, these are our people, these are our cities, neighborhoods and streets and this is our country.
President John F. Kennedy described America as the beacon of hope for others around the world. This is our place and our responsibility and our founding, evolution and growth as a nation are precisely defined by our imperfections, experiences and abilities to redeem and renew ourselves.
What makes America that beacon of hope is that we are, traditionally, a nation of idea generators, problem solvers, decision-makers, communicators, doers, builders and warriors; we can think for ourselves, speak freely, act and deliver results.
But being hopeful is not a survival plan: Hope has never won a war nor will it win peace on the home front.
We cannot hope to shut our eyes against the painful truth that our very existence is, once again, in jeopardy. Failed Marxist ideologies have invaded the mainstream of our consciousness like a network of choking vines seeking to strangle the mighty American oak tree.
These ideologies manifest themselves through 1) social media censorship of the free exchange of ideas; 2) mainstream messaging that drives toward thought control; 3) political correctness designed to force behavioral compliance; 4) unethical technology use supporting security state command by an over-reaching few; and 5) the selective application, weaponization and enforcement of the very ideals, laws and institutions designed to protect us.
We are but one generation from third-world poverty, dissolution and enslavement if we choose to stand idly by and allow those seeking to project their failed ideology onto the landscape that is America. The shining city on the hill is the last stronghold of freedom and we are under siege.
So, I ask you again, if America falls, where will you go?
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