Monday, October 12, 2020

Elderly at the Back of the Line for COVID-19 Vaccine Under Biden Presidency? Schools aren’t COVID-19 super-spreaders, new data suggests, and Other C-Virus Updates

Elderly at the Back of the Line for COVID-19 Vaccine Under Biden Presidency?
Biden’s key coronavirus advisor favors “distributive justice.”
During the presidential debate on September 29th, Joe Biden showed either how ignorant he is or his propensity to lie when he claimed that President Trump “has no plan” and “hasn’t laid out anything” in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the constructive recommendations that Biden has offered are plagiarized from what President Trump has been doing since January. Biden is way behind the curve. When Biden does deviate, it is downright scary – for example, his suggestion that he would close down the entire country again if advised to do so by health experts.
Scarier still is how Joe Biden would decide who should be at the front of the line for receiving coronavirus vaccines when they are ready to be distributed. Based on likelihood of death from the disease, the elderly should receive priority. According to CDC statistics on the percentage of Americans dying from coronavirus by age group, approximately 79% are 65 and older. President Trump has repeatedly made the most vulnerable his top priority. However, in crafting his strategy to deal with COVID-19, Joe Biden is relying on the advice of a doctor who would move the elderly towards the back of the line in the order of priority for receiving a vaccine as well as in benefiting from vital, life-saving medical equipment.
Dr. Zeke Emanuel, 63, is the most prominent member of Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force. This senior fellow at the far-left Center for American Progress, and key architect of Obamacare, doesn’t think it is worth living beyond the age of 75. Emanuel (pictured above) has written that living too long is “a loss.” Past what age does Emanuel consider living too long? “Seventy-five. That is all I want to live,” Emanuel wrote in an article for The Atlantic. That’s rich considering that the man he is advising who is running for president will turn 78 on November 20th.
Emanuel is entitled to decide for himself how long he wants to live. But the doctor Biden is listening to for COVID-19 advice is seeking to play God with the lives of others. --->READ MORE HERE
Schools aren’t COVID-19 super-spreaders, new data suggests:
Elementary and high schools do not appear to be COVID-19 super-spreaders, new data suggests — a finding that threatens to turn some pandemic theories on their head.
Statistics involving 200,000 schoolkids from 47 states in the last two weeks of September yielded an overall coronavirus infection rate of just .13 percent among students and .24 percent for staffers, according to Brown University economics Professor Emily Oster and her team of number-crunchers.
The figures translate into what would be roughly 1.3 infections for a school with 1,000 kids in the two-week period, and 2.2 positive tests for every 1,000 staffers in the same time frame.
“I think it was thought the minute we get people together in schools, there would be these huge outbreaks — and that hasn’t come to pass,’’ Oster told The Post on Sunday. --->READ MORE HERE
Experts say extra pounds gained in quarantine may land you in hospital

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