Friday, October 30, 2020

Donald Trump Delivered on Promises and Gets Results; America Itself is on the Ballot, and Related Trump stories

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Donald Trump delivered on promises and gets results:
Actions speak louder than words. Donald Trump comes from the private sector, where results matter more than promises. As president, he has delivered on the promises he made four years ago.
Unemployment in America fell to a 50-year-low under President Trump. Specifically, the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded by category were achieved by African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, people with disabilities and veterans. Over the past five months, Americans have added more than 11 million new jobs. Mr. Trump knows how to get people back to work.
In contrast, former Vice President Joe Biden says he would get rid of the Trump tax cuts. That means a crippling tax increase of $4 trillion just as Americans are getting back on our feet again after the global pandemic. The tax cuts signed by Mr. Trump lowered the tax burden for 82% of working families in our country. Those same families would see a tax increase if Mr. Biden repeals the tax cuts — as he says he will if elected president. --->READ MORE HERE
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America itself is on the ballot:
In this election, Donald Trump faces the opposite of everything he stands for
Never has an election come down to a clearer choice.
You have a strong, disruptive, sitting president who unabashedly loves America and seeks to tame Washington. He openly supports and defends the principles and ideals on which America is founded.
When President Trump took the oath of office, he vowed to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The guy was not kidding.
He is a man of America, trying to tame Washington.
In this election, Mr. Trump faces the very opposite of everything he stands for.
The Democrat nominee in this election is a man who is embarrassed by America. His campaign is an apology for all that America is and the very principles and ideals America was founded upon.
Joseph R. Biden is a man of Washington, trying to strangle America.
When riots break out in an American city after police shoot dead a man charging people with a knife, President Trump vows to put down the looting and mayhem.
Mr. Biden apologizes. For the police. --->READ MORE HERE
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