Saturday, October 10, 2020

CRAZY NANCY ALERTS: Pelosi’s latest coup-coup nonsense; Joy Behar to Pelosi: 'I’m dreaming of the day when we all say President Nancy Pelosi', and related stories

Nancy Pelosi’s latest coup-coup nonsense:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says her team is “going to be talking about the 25th Amendment” on Friday — the latest in a long line of nutty Democratic fantasies of getting rid of President Trump.
Pelosi, who hasn’t actually talked to the prez in months, claims to think he’s mentally off thanks to his COVID-19 treatments (or something). Yet she’s only exposing (again) Democrats’ own Trump Derangement Syndrome, because this potential coup is an obvious non-starter.
Trump’s “disassociation from reality would be funny if it weren’t so deadly,” she claimed — just because he’s made his usual fast-changing threats and offers over the relief bill that Democrats have stalled in Congress. --->READ MORE HERE
Joy Behar to Pelosi: 'I’m dreaming of the day when we all say President Nancy Pelosi':
The View co-host Joy Behar said during an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday that she’s “dreaming” of the day she can call the California Democrat “President Nancy Pelosi.”
“I’m dreaming of the day when we all say ‘President Nancy Pelosi,’” Behar said to Pelosi after the House speaker said she is praying that “everyone in line ahead of me gets well very soon.”
“I think that sounds really good,” Behar added. “But the polls are showing that Biden is ahead in key swing states. It’s very encouraging in many ways, Pennsylvania, et cetera, but I’m still worried that they could steal this election.”
Behar continued, “I know that the Russians are still involved. Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security just released a report warning that Russia is a key threat to the election. Now, we knew this going into 2016 too, and we saw how that turned out. This is why I’m not counting my chickens at all. I’m still nervous. People have to vote, and we have to win in a landslide. How concerned are you about that?” --->READ MORE HERE
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