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Clarence Thomas Should Not Recuse Himself from Election-Related Cases Because Joe Biden Was a Jerk in the '90s; A Ridiculous Recusal Demand

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Clarence Thomas Should Not Recuse Himself from Election-Related Cases Because Joe Biden Was a Jerk in the '90s:
Since most corporate media opinion pieces could rival The Babylon Bee in terms of satirical quality, this one comes as no surprise. Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King has decided that if the election results end up at the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas should recuse himself. King asserts this mostly because Joe Biden turned the confirmation hearings for Justice Thomas into a three-ring circus, and Thomas took note of it in his memoir.
Andrew Breitbart famously said that watching those hearings turned him into a conservative. That was not an uncommon feeling for many people who watched them. In the recent documentary, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, clips of the hearings are played. Joe Biden’s behavior was appalling, and one has to wonder if Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was suffering from deja vu as he sat through Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
So King, in his editorial, asserts that because Clarence Thomas was clear in describing Joe Biden’s behavior toward him during an acrimonious confirmation hearing, he is unfit to hear a case regarding election law. Given Democrats’ behavior during confirmation hearings since Robert Bork, whose last name became a verb, this seems to be a ridiculous contention. --->READ MORE HERE
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A Ridiculous Recusal Demand Aimed at Clarence Thomas
Efforts to browbeat conservative justices into recusing themselves from any important Supreme Court case are standard fare from liberals and progressives these days (a tactic Donald Trump has aped by demanding that Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg recuse themselves over criticisms of him, in Sotomayor’s case in written opinions). Colbert I. King, in the Washington Post, argues that Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from any case involving the 2020 election because Thomas has believed since 1991 that Joe Biden is a two-faced liar:
By any measure, Thomas’s confirmation hearing was one of the most acrimonious and polarizing congressional events of the 20th century. . . . The chairman of that committee was Biden, whom Thomas characterizes in his book as a liar. “A few days before I faced the Judiciary Committee, Joseph Biden invited Virginia [Thomas’s wife] and me to tour the Caucus Room in the Russell Senate Office Building where the hearings would take place,” Thomas wrote. He said Biden was reassuring, stressing that the hearings weren’t meant to be an ordeal. “He said that since I’d be nervous at first, he would start the questioning with a few ‘softballs’ that would help me relax and do my best, assuring me that he had no tricks up his sleeve.” . . . At the break in the proceedings, young lawyers who had helped Thomas prepare for the hearing looked at the text of the speech quoted by Biden. “The point I’d been making [in the speech] was the opposite of the one that Senator Biden claimed I had made.” . . . “Senator Biden’s smooth insincere promises that he would treat me fairly were nothing but talk.” Before the committee vote, Thomas said he spoke to Biden on the phone. . . . Thomas wrote that Biden replied, “Judge, I know you don’t believe me, but if any of these last two matters come up [referring to Anita Hill’s allegations as well as a leaked draft opinion he had written as an appellate judge that had drawn criticism], I will be your biggest defender.” “He was right about one thing,” Thomas wrote. “I didn’t believe him.” --->READ MORE HERE
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