Sunday, October 18, 2020

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo? ... Secretary of Defense Hillary Clinton? ... Say It Ain't Joe

Biden Considers Killer of 11,000 Seniors for Attorney General
Joe Biden's whole coronavirus argument is that the Trump administration failed to control the virus based on the death toll. Meanwhile New York accounts for between 1/6th and 1/7th of the country's death total. And, despite Cuomo's recent attempt a victory lap, the resurgence is arriving, which he's trying to blame on Orthodox Jews.
A big chunk of that comes from the 11,000+ excess senior deaths at nursing homes. And a sizable chunk of that death toll would have been driven by Cuomo's horrifying decision to force nursing homes to accept thousands of infected coronavirus patients.
If killing 11,000 seniors doesn't disqualify you from a cabinet position in a Democrat administration, how many seniors do you have to kill to be disqualified? --->READ MORE HERE
Hillary Auditions For SecDef In Sprawling Pro-Biden Op-Ed Admitting Massive Defense Jobs Cuts Plan:
Former Secretary of State, US Senator, and Benghazi-belittler Hillary Clinton has penned a 5000-word opinion editorial for Foreign Affairs magazine - a scarcely-read byet important foreign policy industry publication. The article clearly aims to establish Clinton as a potential Biden pick for Secretary of Defense: one of the most powerful cabinet positions in the US government.
The Trump campaign will surely see the audition by the very unpopular Hillary Clinton as a gift in the final days of the U.S. Presidential campaign. The idea of voting for Joe Biden and waking up with Hillary Clinton will send chills up the spine of even many Democrats, to whom both Clinton and Biden represent an old, tired, globalist worldview at odds with a “progressive” or even populist Democrat trajectory.
And Clinton appears to know this, too.
Her article contains a number of veiled mea culpas over globalism, though she repeatedly lumps the blame at Donald Trump’s door for many of the problems caused – in a national security sense – by his predecessors: --->READ MORE HERE

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