Saturday, October 10, 2020

And What's Biden Been Up To? We Were Able To Stay Home During COVID Because of Some Black Woman Stocking Grocery Shelves; Biden’s “Allah Willing” in Context, and related stories

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Joe Biden: We Were Able To Stay Home During COVID Because of Some Black Woman Stocking Grocery Shelves:
It’s impossible to know if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is actually suffering from a cognitive decline, or if he’s just really bad at speaking.
In any event, Biden always seems to get himself into trouble when he veers away from prepared remarks.
It’s probably at least partially why his campaign avoids letting him speak to reporters with any kind of regularity.
Biden often utters profoundly dumb or senseless statements, and sometimes those statements contain either a racial element or a racist undertone.
That’s problematic when you’re the leader of the Democratic Party, which portrays itself as a modern civil rights movement.
Early in his 47-year career, Biden called the idea of an integrated school a “racial jungle,” and earlier this year told a black radio host on his radio program that if he wasn’t voting for him, then “you ain’t black.”
The host’s blackness was apparently contingent on whether he voted for him. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden’s “Allah Willing” in Context:
He may not know the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, but he knows and makes subtle Arab references.
During the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, while the president was saying that he would release his tax returns once an ongoing IRS audit ends, Biden interrupted him by saying, “When—insha’allah?”
The utterance of this Arabic phrase, which simply means “Allah willing,” by the Democratic candidate is strange, and a bit revealing.
For starters, why, in a purely American setting, would Biden suddenly resort to Arabic? It would have been one thing if he used this formulation before a Muslim audience—it would then be chalked up to diplomacy, pandering, etc.—but why use it when around Americans and during a distinctly American event such as a U.S. presidential debate?
Secondly, while insha’allah does literally mean “Allah willing,” and is regularly used to express modesty before the Supreme Being whenever Arabic speakers are discussing future events—as in, “Next year I plan on visiting the Arctic, insha’allah”—what very few non-native speakers of Arabic appreciate is that it is also used with great frequency by those who utter it to signal that they really have no intention of doing what they say they plan on doing, and by their listeners to express doubt or cynicism. --->READ MORE HERE
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