Friday, September 25, 2020

The 2020 Election Asks: Do You Want The People Who Believe America Is Racist In Charge?; America Isn't Racist & White Privilege Is a Myth, Just Like Bigfoot

The 2020 Election Asks: Do You Want The People Who Believe America Is Racist In Charge?
With critical race theory seeping its way into government agencies and all levels of society, the state of the nation could turn dire if it isn't stopped.
Surveying the urban war zones, property destruction, and the shuttered businesses across so many American cities, many wonder, “Just how did we get here, and will we ever regain normalcy?” Those two questions loom over the November election, but what’s really at stake is a choice between civilization and chaos.
Most people don’t realize there is a pernicious ideology behind the Black Lives Matter movement and the Democrat leadership that empowers it, and it’s called critical race theory. Most importantly, this theory is an integral part of Democrats’ strategy to establish a “new normalcy” in every institution, from public schools to all government agencies.
On the eve of Labor Day weekend, following the reporting of Christopher Rufo on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that critical race theory had infiltrated many of the agencies of the Federal bureaucracy, President Trump issued a directive that all federal agencies cancel training programs based in the theory. On Thursday, Trump announced a 1776 Commission to directly respond to CRT with accurate historical education. --->READ MORE HERE
Op-Ed: America Isn't Racist & White Privilege Is a Myth, Just Like Bigfoot:
There is a sinister strategy from our friends on the left that has been around for decades but is being more intensely applied today than ever before.
That strategy has a name, and its name is identity politics: keep America divided by any means available.
They try to separate us by wealth, as we saw with Occupy Wall Street; you either despise the affluent, or you are labeled greedy and corrupt.
They try to separate us by sexuality and ideals, as we see with LGBTQ propaganda; you cannot just tolerate their movement anymore, you must celebrate it, and those who do not are labeled homophobic and un-woke. And, of course, they try to separate us by race as often as possible.
One of the more common tactics with identity politics over the last few years has been to point to the evils of so-called “white privilege.” The theory of white privilege, according to a group known as the White Privilege Conference, states that white folks possess an inherent advantage “that is denied to others simply because of” their skin color. --->READ MORE HERE

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