Friday, September 4, 2020

Stunning Post-RNC Poll Shows Trump with 3-Point Lead Over Biden; As Trump Gains on Biden, Rasmussen Uncovers Massive 'Suppression' of National Polls, and Other Poll News

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Stunning Post-RNC Poll Shows Trump with 3-Point Lead Over Biden:
A post-Republican National Convention poll shows President Donald Trump taking a firm lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express poll found Trump ahead of Biden by 3 percentage points, 48 to 45 percent.
Further, in an average of key swing states, the margin is an even greater 8 points as the president leads 49 to 41 percent.
Twenty-one percent of respondents indicated the GOP convention made them more likely to vote for Trump, while 9 percent said they were less likely.
However, the reverse was true for the Democratic ticket of Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, with just 8 percent saying they were more likely to back them as a result of their party’s convention, while 13 percent said they were less likely to do so.
“Polling by the institute has previously accurately predicted both the 2016 US election result and Brexit,” the U.K. Daily Express reported Tuesday. --->READ MORE HERE
As Trump Gains on Biden, Rasmussen Uncovers Massive 'Suppression' of National Polls:
After 2016, Republicans have been loath to trust polls, particularly those that have President Donald Trump’s name on it. Now they have a new reason to distrust polling: The absence of it.
If you’ve watched cable news for any of the election cycles in recent memory, the focus in the days and weeks following the national conventions of the major political parties was the polling. It was about who got a “bounce” and who didn’t.
This time, there seems to be a void. Perhaps you didn’t notice. If you did, maybe you thought this was a case of a particularly busy few news cycles. Kenosha. Chadwick Boseman. Nancy Pelosi’s salon visits and ice-cream detours.
The answer is a bit more curious: There isn’t a whole lot of it, at least from the major news networks. --->READ MORE HERE
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