Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Riots Rivaling Coronavirus as Top 2020 Concern; Are flu shots safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic? and Other C-Virus Updates

Riots rivaling coronavirus as top 2020 concern
The civil unrest unfolding in cities across the country is starting to rival the coronavirus as a source of voter concern, a possibility that could redound to President Trump’s benefit.
Both campaigns are behaving as if they sense such a shift. A recent Pew poll found violent crime suddenly a top five issue, just a few points behind the coronavirus. CNN’s Don Lemon commented last week that the violence was hurting Democrats.
Support for Black Lives Matter has dropped significantly in some polls. Marquette Law School found 61% to 38% backing in mid-June yet a 48% to 48% split in early August. There were also viral videos of a couple being stalked by protesters in Washington, D.C., and Rand Paul, a criminal justice reform proponent who introduced a bill banning no-knock warrants named after police shooting victim Breonna Taylor, and his wife being attacked.
As the protests begin to spiral out of control in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, Democrats are suddenly finding themselves on the defensive. Presidential nominee Joe Biden has begun to try to get out in front of the issue, with fresh condemnations of the rioting and looting following relative silence at his party’s nominating convention. He is blaming the unrest on Trump’s divisiveness. --->READ MORE HERE
Are flu shots safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic?
With the COVID-19 pandemic still going as the country enters flu season, public health experts are urging Americans to get the flu vaccine — with some precautions.
Doctors say getting the shot is safe so long as people follow protocols to prevent exposure to the coronavirus while they’re out getting it.
“The precautions people should take to get their flu shot are the same precautions when you run other essential errands,” Dr. Martine Hackett, a public health professor at Hofstra University, told The Post.
“When you go out, make sure you’re wearing a mask and make sure you’re able to social distance.”
Here is what the experts have to say on questions and concerns about getting the shot while staying safe from COVID-19. --->READ MORE HERE
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