Saturday, September 19, 2020

President Trump's record on veterans is something to be proud of; Record on the Military is Solid

Trump's record on veterans is something to be proud of:
It’s no secret that the mainstream media is biased against President Trump, but this is just getting ridiculous.
The latest example of the media’s increasingly unhinged anti-Trump bias is the Atlantic's recent article claiming — contrary to both reason and experience — that the president disparaged service members and wounded veterans. This preposterous claim, which the president himself has vehemently and repeatedly refuted, should never have made it to publication — not one “source” is even willing to be identified with a vague description like “senior official,” much less reveal their name
The bottom line here is that Trump’s devotion to America’s military members has been so strong, the only way one can dispute that is by outright lying with fake sources. As the highest-ranking combat veteran ever elected to Congress, I have worked with the commander-in-chief on many issues concerning veterans in this country and have seen firsthand his heartfelt commitment to the men and women protecting our nation, as well as their families.
He has demonstrated this commitment repeatedly in response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic that has rocked our communities. The Trump administration’s veterans’ suicide prevention program was established in June to protect veterans struggling with mental health issues and isolation under state and local lockdown orders. Even before the pandemic, Trump had launched several new initiatives to help veterans and their families, and the fiscal year 2021 budget that he submitted to Congress in February allocates about 30% more funding for suicide prevention. --->READ MORE HERE
Anonymous sources aside, Trump's record on the military is solid:
Actions speak louder than anonymous sources.
Pictures and quotes can be fabricated or taken out of context. What’s much harder to spin are actual policies. And if you look at President Trump’s record on the military, there’s only one conclusion: He holds the military in the highest regard.
As a veteran of the Navy who has served on the House Armed Services Committee since 2017, I have been proud to help Trump rebuild our military. Under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s watch, the military was left depleted. We had planes falling out of the sky, ships breaking down at sea, and more service members dying during training than in combat operations. Trump’s first priority when he came to Washington was to undo their damage, and to that end, he has invested more money in our military, given the troops pay raises, and taken care of military families.
Obama and Biden used budget sequestration to accomplish one of their political goals — shrinking the military. Together, they decreased our defense budget by $187 billion over eight years and laid off 40,000 members of the Army.
While Obama and Biden focused on hamstringing our military, the world became less safe absent of America’s leadership. The Islamic State rose to power and started a worldwide terror spree that killed more than 1,200 people outside of Iraq and Syria. China and North Korea banded together as allies as China threatened U.S. maritime claims in the South China Sea. Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, causing tensions in Eastern Europe to flare to a level not seen since the Cold War. And Iran scored a major victory when it fooled the international community into believing it would abandon its nuclear weapons program. --->READ MORE HERE

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