Tuesday, September 29, 2020

President Trump Did More for Black Americans in 4 Years Than Biden Did in 40

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Left-leaning politicians and pundits excoriate President Donald Trump for his alleged racism, but many black Americans appreciate Trump’s historic achievements for the black community. Georgia House Rep. Vernon Jones (D) has praised Trump as a champion for black Americans while castigating Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s record when it comes to the black community.
“Joe Biden had half a century to improve conditions for Black Americans, but he chose racial demagoguery instead. President Trump did more for the Black community in less than four years than Biden did in over four decades,” Jones wrote in a powerful op-ed on Tuesday.
The Democrat condemned his party’s establishment for its long trend of taking the support of black Americans for granted, “paying lip service to the cause of racial justice on the campaign trail, but then perpetuating an unjust status quo in office.”
Jones noted that “Biden led the charge to implement one of the most racially discriminatory policy regimes since the end of Jim Crow: the ‘tough-on-crime’ criminal justice laws of the late 1980s and early ‘90s, describing his position as ‘lock the S.O.B.’s up.’ Most notoriously, he played a leading role in crafting the notorious 1994 crime bill that dramatically increased the incarceration rate for Black Americans, ushering in an era of mass incarceration that devastated our communities for generations.”
In 1993, Biden bragged that “every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress” has had his name on it. Yet, Jones argued, Biden “arrogantly expected that a ‘-D’ after his name would be all he needed to secure the votes of millions of Black Americans.”
“Biden’s patronizing description of Barack Obama as the first ‘clean’ mainstream African American candidate wasn’t even the most offensive remark he uttered during the 2008 campaign cycle,” Jones noted. “That distinction goes to his claim that he would appeal to Southern white voters because his home state of Delaware was a slave state that sided with the North in the Civil War.” (He had said something similar in 1987.)
Jones also noted Biden’s infamous comment in 2012, when the then-vice president told black voters that Republicans would “put y’all back in chains.” Jones called this “a bitter irony considering the role Biden himself had played in locking up generations of Black Americans.”
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