Monday, September 7, 2020

INSANITY: 'This Is Where They House the Rioters!' City of Portland Houses Some Antifa Rioters Destroying the City; Rioters Chase Portland Mayor from Home, and Other Portland News

'This Is Where They House the Rioters!' City of Portland Houses Some Antifa Rioters Destroying the City:
Portland is wittingly or unwittingly housing some of the very same destructive rioters who have been tearing apart the city since May 28.
Let me repeat. The taxpayers are paying for their own demise and it’s all under the auspices of the city.
One month before the riots started, ostensibly to allow grieving over the death of George Floyd – remember him? – the City of Portland opened three homeless tent cities, one of which is the “Harbor of Hope.”
The camp is situated close to the Willamette River, just a simple, short walk over the Hawthorn Bridge to downtown Portland, where it spills out onto riot central.
Hardesty and Wheeler’s plan

— BlackDawn (@tgby7j7r4r4fc) September 3, 2020
A YouTuber, who goes by the name “Never Alone With Christ,” discovered that some of the same people agitating, rioting, and causing damage downtown live just across the river in the city-sponsored camp with city-provided amenities: --->READ MORE HERE
Karina Brown via AP
Rioters chase Portland mayor from home:
The rioters in Portland, Oregon, have chased Mayor Ted Wheeler from his home.
Mr. Wheeler told fellow residents of his condominium building in an email Tuesday that he will leave the 16-story tower in the city’s Pearl District neighborhood.
Leaving the building, which has been the target of repeated demonstrations, including one Monday in which crowds set fires and broke windows, would be “best for me and for everyone else’s safety and peace,” he wrote. --->READ MORE HERE
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