Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Democrats Wish Upon a Star: Welcome to the Happy Land of Pathetic Progressive Make-Believe

Last week, the Democrat Party had its national convention at the summit of the Big Rock Candy Mountain in the Happy Land of Make Believe – a place of magic and wonder where reality is shaped by whim and whatever you wish is true, just because you wish it. Joe Biden is now the Mayor. Kamala Harris provides hair-sniffing morale.
Democrats have been accused of lying. But to be guilty of that, you have to be able to distinguish between lies and the truth.
For the Democrat Party, reality is like the lyrics from “Pinocchio” -- ”anything your heart desires will come to you.” As Slow Joe once said, his party chooses truth (that which confirms its ideology) over facts (that which contradicts it).
Here are a few of the truths Democrats cling to:
1. There is no rioting in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Denver, etc. just “peaceful protests” the President is trying to suppress with his “stormtroopers,” as Nancy Pelosi would have it.
Reality check: It’s lovely on the banks of denial this time of year. Portland, Oregon has had over 80 consecutive nights of rioting. On August 18, a man was pulled from a truck, beaten savagely, kicked in the head repeatedly, and left unconscious and bleeding. On 10 separate occasions, the Portland police declared a riot.
2. Trump is responsible for COVID-19 deaths. In his convention speech, Barack Obama said the consequences of Donald Trump’s failure to “grow into the job of president” include “170,000 dead Americans.”
Reality check: The virus was developed by the Democrats’ friends in Communist China, who waited too long to tell us about it. When Trump banned travel from China early on in the pandemic, the Democrats called it racist. Trump moved heaven and earth to increase the production of everything from ventilators to surgical gloves – after years of neglect of our Emergency Medical Service Systems by guess-who.
3. The Postal Service will do superb job of delivering ballots, if only Trump will fully fund it.
Reality check: USPS is such a model of efficiency that it lost $69 billion in the 11 years ending in 2019. In New York City’s June 23 primary, 84,000 mail-in ballots were disqualified. Mail-in ballots are the perfect vehicle for voter fraud. If the Democrats have their way, in November, there will be special pickups at graveyards and points of entry for illegal aliens.
Read the rest of the truths the Democrats cling to HERE.

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