Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Democrats Are Making a U-Turn on Mail-In Voting

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WE TOLD YOU SO: Democrats Are Making a U-Turn on Mail-In Voting:
Democrats used COVID-19 as a pretext to try and change the way America votes. In fact, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and other various and sundry election law changes were part of the reason Democrats refused to debate a narrow COVID relief bill. Because Republicans wouldn’t agree to give up every election security feature we have, you and your family couldn’t get your unemployment benefits extended, schools lost money, and small business owners were left without assistance.
To block the bill, Democrats used the filibuster, which Barack Obama called a Jim Crow relic during the Democrat National Convention. However, we will leave that blatant hypocrisy for another time. It is becoming exceedingly clear that Democrats intend to use whatever tools they can to gain power and retain it. Burning down our institutional norms and any semblance of consensus is their obvious goal.
Mail-in voting was a part of this power grab. By drawing out election results, they could gin up their base and keep them irrational and violent. They have been so kind as to warn us that the only outcome that does not lead to violence in the streets is a Joe Biden landslide. It is a blatant and disgusting attempt to extort your vote.
Asking people to vote as soon as possible — preferably before the first debate, where there is a risk Joe Biden will mentally collapse — appears to be the only part of the strategy they are hanging onto. Given his angry reaction to being questioned on son Hunter’s activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, if President Trump mentions it, the presidential debate may look more like a WWE event. --->READ MORE HERE
Democrats frantically move away from pushing mail-in voting to in person:
Democratic politicians and activist groups are pivoting away from encouraging mass mail-in voting as the safest and best way for voters to cast ballots in the November election.
The move away from mail-in absentee voting comes amid major liabilities in new mail-in voting systems that could jeopardize Democrats’ election chances in contests that are close.
“If you increase the share of first-time mail-in votes, you will also increase the number of disqualified ballots,” said Robert Stein, a political science professor at Rice University who is conducting research about mail-in absentee voting.
Poll after poll finds that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say that they intend to vote by mail, suggesting that high rates of mail-in disqualification on masses of mail-in ballots could harm them.
A Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on “naked ballots” last week is the latest piece of news worrying Democrats. The court said that ballots not returned in a “secrecy envelope” can not be valid. The Democratic chairwoman of Philadelphia’s election board, Lisa Deeley, warned that up to 100,000 ballots could be affected. Trump won the state by about 44,000 votes.
Prominent Democrats, rather than posting that they completed and returned a mail-in ballot, are setting an example of voting in person despite the pushes for mass mail-in voting. --->READ MORE HERE

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