Sunday, September 13, 2020

Catholic Dems Are Breaking for Trump Big Now That the Democratic Party Has been Unmasked

“Nothing can do men of good will more harm than apparent compromises with parties that subscribe to antimoral and antidemocratic and anti-God forces. We must have the courage to detach our support from men who are doing evil. We must bear them no hatred, but we must break with them.” — Fulton J. Sheen
Though it is certain that the vast majority of the many thousands of Catholic Democrats who will vote for a Republican for president the first time in their lives in November have never read Archbishop’s Sheen’s words, their decision-making process undoubtedly takes thoughts such as those into consideration, consciously or unconsciously.
2020 could be called the year of the Great Migration: that of Catholic labor Democrats from their ancestral home, the Democratic Party, to the Republican party as led by President Donald J. Trump.
Why are we not surprised? This is no longer your daddy’s Democratic Party. Catholic Democrats have to decide if they are leaving the party or if the party left them. Many, like the authors, asked and answered that question years, even decades ago; many more are doing so now.
One thing that has changed over the years is the Democrats’ increasingly obvious embrace of the most radical expressions of things with which most Catholics, to say nothing of other people of goodwill, are uncomfortable. The mask is off for all to see.
In truth, it has been for years, but now there seems to be an increased urgency among the Democrats to make anyone with even the slightest vestigial attachment to traditional Christian morality uncomfortable.
Whereas the right to abortion used to be rationalized by Catholic Dems as a necessary evil or a concession to a woman’s “right to choose” in difficult circumstances, today it has the status of a sacrament in the Church of the Woke Mob at which the Democratic leadership worships.
One could say that those controlling the donkey party became radicalized slowly at first, and then all of a sudden.
Witness how quickly the change in the view of normative human sexuality has occurred. It seems like just yesterday that civil unions — not gay marriage mind you, civil unions — were being hotly debated in places like Massachusetts and Vermont.
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