Saturday, August 29, 2020

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments?; Kamala Harris Promises National Mask Mandate If Elected , and other C-Virus Updates

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments?:
We can no longer avoid questions about the elevation of Remdesivir and suppression of hydroxychloroquine.
The French virologist Dr. Didier Raoult, who early in the pandemic successfully treated COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, has issued an “expression of concern” excoriating the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine for publishing dubious studies.
In trenchant terms, Raoult calls out the journal for publishing studies with such egregious flaws that the practices would not pass muster at his teaching hospital in Marseille. He highlights, for instance, the most obvious limitation of a widely touted study claiming to show that hydroxychloroquine treatment does not prevent COVID-19: Less than 3 percent of the study participants had a confirmed diagnosis.
The RECOVERY trial, published in the journal and celebrated for showing that dexamethasone improves survival in hospitalized patients, was no major breakthrough. Anti-inflammatory steroids help patients in respiratory distress, and hospital protocols that include steroids in COVID-19 treatment were already the norm elsewhere.
Why even run such a study, asks Raoult, let alone withhold treatment from patients in the control group? Scandalously, in another arm of the study, these investigators overdosed patients with toxic levels of hydroxychloroquine, then dismissed the drug as useless. --->READ MORE HERE
Kamala Harris promises national mask mandate if elected:
Kamala Harris said on Friday that a nationwide mask mandate would be among the first orders of business if she and Joe Biden were elected to the White House in November, calling it the “responsible” thing to do.
The Democratic vice presidential nominee expanded on the three-month plan that Biden has promised to enact if he won the White House, explaining that every American would be expected to wear a face covering amid the pandemic.
“Yes,” Harris, 55, said when asked if that would be one of their first actions in power during an interview on NBC’s “TODAY.”
“It’s a standard. I mean, nobody’s going to be punished,” Harris continued when asked how it would be enforced.
“Nobody likes to wear a mask, this is a universal feeling, right? So, that’s not the point,” she said. --->READ MORE HERE
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