Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pres Trump ramps up push to reopen schools; Study of 100 UK schools shows ‘very little evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools’, and Other C-Virus Updates

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President Trump met with parents, teachers and pediatricians at the White House on Wednesday to argue the risks posed by virtual learning outweigh those posed by COVID-19 seeping into the classroom.
Prodded by the president, the panel said staring at a computer at home is not as good as in-person learning. Kids miss out on detailed instruction from teachers and the support services that schools provide to students with special needs. “You cannot do virtual therapies,” said Richard Corcoran, commissioner of the Florida Department of Education.
Mr. Trump, who faces reelection in November, has been adamant about reopening schools this fall. He’s toggled between saying places with widespread transmission may need to start out virtually and nudging districts to resume in-person.
Wednesday’s event marked a ramping up of his push to get the buildings open completely. “If you’re going to do it, do it,” Mr. Trump said. “Every other day seems very strange.”
A person on the panel said the idea behind having students alternate their attendance is so that fewer students are in the building at once to ensure physical spacing.
LINK: Study of 100 UK schools shows ‘very little 
evidence that the virus is transmitted in schools’
At one point, Mr. Trump took a swipe at Democratic opponent Joseph R. Biden for the time he’s spent in COVID-19 shelter at home instead of on the campaign trail.
“If you’re a presidential candidate and you’re sitting in a basement looking at a computer that’s not a good thing?” Mr. Trump said.
Mr. Trump suggested teachers’ unions are getting in the way of reopening. He said money spent on schools should “follow the student,” allowing families to choose a new school during the pandemic. The idea tracks closely with the administration general push to allow for “school choice” so that students can escape a bad situation in their designated public school.
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