Monday, August 3, 2020

Married to the Mob: Urban Anarchists and Democrat Progressives -- a Match Made in Hell.

The Democrats’ response to the rioting rocking cities they control gets crazier by the minute – and more revealing. Democratic leaders have become Antifa’s press agents. This can be seen with painful clarity in their response to Trump’s attempts to protect federal property.
In Portland last week, Mayor Ted Wheeler (pictured above catching a dose of tear-gas) marched with the mob to protest agents sent there to guard a federal courthouse the goons had targeted.
Wheeler was outraged by the president’s countermeasures. They were “an egregious overreaction” that would incite more violence, His Honor huffed. It was “an attack on democracy” that made his peaceful city feel like “occupied territory.”
He has a point. It was only the 57th straight night of violence in Portland. There were only 2,000 radicals marching on the courthouse. The rioters only used flares, lasers (aimed at the eyes), and fireworks against the 100 or so federal agents defending the building.
Earlier, Wheeler had ordered the Portland police – whose spokesman called the incident a “riot,” by the way -- to stand down.
President Trump has a mandate to protect federal property when local authorities are unwilling or unable to do so. In 2018, the Portland peace brigade took over ICE headquarters. The city did nothing.
In the Windy City, Mayor Lori Lightweight ordered the removal of two Christopher Columbus statues radicals had attacked.
It’s obvious that taking down the monuments will help to pacify that Toddlin’ Town, where 106 people were shot the week of July 20th, including six shot at a funeral for a victim of a drive-by shooting.
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