Wednesday, August 26, 2020

If Gun Sales Are Any Indicator, Race Rioters Are Creating New Trump Voters as We Speak

A couple of recent news reports have caught my eye.
Each speculated (with some anecdotal supporting evidence) that a sampling of voters in deep-blue cities hard-hit by riots, looting and property damage are showing signs of “enough,” that the combination of anarchy in the streets and cuts to law enforcement is reframing opinions shared by those who have never seen a MAGA hat in person — let alone thought of voting for a Republican.
A related but not coincidental storyline is of an enormous uptick in gun purchases in our most liberal cities.
A pause is appropriate here.
These news items do not mean that thousands of latte-loving, anti-plastic straw drinking, Prius-driving urbanites have suddenly become card-carrying Republicans. It does not mean they have a newfound appreciation for President Donald J. Trump.
Indeed, their devotion to windmills, health care for illegal aliens, and “woke” learning in the public schools is likely not much altered.
What is novel may be a renewed appreciation for the difference between the sacred American right to protest and the illegal, dangerous and terrorizing acts of a mob.
So many of these good folks have now experienced the difference: from the legitimate protests in the wake of George’s Floyd’s death to the unreconstructed violence of street thugs who have brought widespread destruction to the most beautiful of our urban business districts and neighborhoods.
In a word, they didn’t sign up for this.
There is of course nothing surprising here.
The old line about a “conservative is nothing more than a liberal who has been mugged” applies. Who in their right mind could support “protesters” who attempt to destroy a Ronald McDonald House occupied by terribly sick children and terrified parents?
Who does that sort of thing? Certainly not those who wish to participate in a national conversation about law enforcement practices in the inner city.
But there is another aspect to some of the media reports, and it has to do with these impacted liberals taking a second look at how their chosen party has responded to all the civil unrest.
Ewad the rest from Bob Ehrlich HERE.

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