Saturday, August 15, 2020

(Fauci) If we can safely shop at the grocery store, we can safely vote in person; Trump Wants Barron Back In School, and Other C-Virus Updates

Fauci: If we can safely shop at the grocery store, we can safely vote in person:
It’s not the first time that Dr. Anthony Fauci has made this argument, but maybe it will be the first time it will break through the political/media noise over mail-in voting. The head of the NIAID said a week ago that healthy people who stick to mask and social-distancing protocols could safely cast their ballots at their local precincts, although that remark got understandably overshadowed by his cautious endorsement of reopening schools.
This time, ABC’s Deborah Roberts asked specifically about voting as part of a NatGeo panel she moderated yesterday. Fauci insists that the issue of in-person voting is no more fraught than grocery shopping for healthy voters, although high-risk voters might want to use mailed ballots “the way we have done so for years” (via Katie Pavlich):
Can people safely go out and vote in person this year? Dr. Fauci answers this and more in a @NatGeo virtual panel moderated by @DebRobertsABC.

— ABC News (@ABC) August 13, 2020 --->READ MORE HERE
Trump says he wants son Barron back in school:
President Trump on Thursday said he wants his 14-year-old son Barron to return to school soon.
Barron Trump’s private school in Maryland, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, recently said it will have online-only classes next month, despite the president urging schools to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“I’d like to have him go back and I understand they’re gonna go — they’re doing computer for a little while, they’re doing the laptop deal. And, you know, it’s too bad,” Trump told The Post during an exclusive Oval Office interview.
“I’d prefer that he go back. They’re doing it, I think, just a little bit — they’re delaying it a little bit, right? From what I understand, my son’s school, they will be delaying it. I just heard that, which is too bad, which is too bad,” Trump said. --->READ MORE HERE.
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