Sunday, August 16, 2020

Democrat calls for treating non-mask-wearers as murderers, while actual murderers are released from jail

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I pine for a day when we will make Orwell fiction again. What we are seeing today with the COVID cult in this county is not just a disagreement over science and the role of government, but over basic morality. Democrats now believe that a man breathing free air without a mask is tantamount to murder, yet they are using the same virus as a pretext to release real murderers throughout the country. Breathing is now murder and murder is an act of grace?
During an August 5 committee hearing of the Nashville Metro Council, Councilwoman Sharon Hurt compared those who decline to wear masks to attempted murderers and suggested legislation treating them on that level.
So COVID-19 poses such a threat to human life that we must ban uncovered human lungs as murder, but because these very same leftists are concerned their chosen criminals will catch the virus, they are released. Here are a couple of stories you might have missed from the national news that demonstrate how far they are willing to go:
> 26-year-old Justin Wilson of Montgomery County, Maryland, was released from jail in April after being charged with theft and other crimes. According to Fox 5, he was released due to coronavirus concerns. On July 29, he was arrested and charged with murdering 63-year-old Edigio Ienzi six days earlier in front of his 16-year-old daughter. I checked Montgomery County court records and found dozens of criminal charges – from drugs and theft to assault and armed robbery – dating back to 2012. Once again, we see prior records don’t matter when it comes to jailbreak. In this case, the victim’s relative alleges that Wilson also stole coins from the house of the victim. Isn’t it interesting how those with a record of theft and assault tend to return to those crimes upon release? Remember, Montgomery County is the jurisdiction that is so concerned about human life that it tried to shut down private schools due to coronavirus, while criminals are released to commit murder. Then again, most career robbers like Wilson wear masks, so all is good under today’s redefinition of murder.
> Last October, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was indicted on charges of rape, sodomy, strangulation, abduction, burglary, and malicious wounding after he was accused of brutally raping Karla Dominguez in Alexandria, Virginia. His lawyers argued in April that he was at risk for contracting the virus in the Alexandria jail, so Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released him on just $25,000 bond on condition that he remain in his home in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Well, house arrest seems to deter only law-abiding business owners from opening their businesses during COVID, not violent criminals from repeating their offenses. On July 29, he allegedly returned to the victim’s home and killed her. He then shot himself to death following a police chase. The intimidation of victims and witnesses is a known problem of jailbreak and makes it harder to eventually get a conviction. To those who don’t believe in prison (except for those who don’t wear masks), that is a feature, not a bug.
Read the rest from Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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