Sunday, August 23, 2020

Catholic News Agency: Biden Platform Runs Contrary to Christian Belief

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
The Democrats’ 2020 national platform reads like a litany of positions diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching and belief, a prominent Catholic news service warned Wednesday.
The Catholic News Agency (CNA) ran a 1,000-word article enumerating seven key policies Joe Biden will be running on in the upcoming presidential election, all of which run counter to Catholic teaching except one: his opposition to the death penalty.
On the issue of religious liberty, the Democrats insist that religious freedom cannot be used “as a cover for discrimination,” meaning that it must bow to gay adoption, same-sex marriage, and abortion.
The Democrat-sponsored “Do No Harm Act” would curtail all expressions of religious freedom that they deem discriminatory, the article states, such as “objections to the contraceptive mandate, health care workers declining to participate in abortions, and religious adoption agencies placing children only with married opposite-sex couples.”
Regarding conscientious objection, the Democrats’ draft 2020 platform “supports reinstating policies such as the Obama administration’s transgender mandate,” which prohibited doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies from refusing to take part in transgender surgery for reasons of conscience.
As a case in point, the article notes that a federal judge stopped implementation of the Trump administration’s rule that protected doctors with a conscientious objection from providing gender-transition surgery or abortion.
The Trump administration has granted religious and moral exemptions Obama’s contraceptive mandate, including for the Little Sisters of the Poor, but Mr. Biden “has said that he would undo the religious and moral exemptions to the mandate,” the article adds.
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