Sunday, August 9, 2020

Border Chief Says ILLEGAL Immigrants Shirking Duty To World By Spreading Coronavirus; and other C-Virus Updates

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The administration’s top border official said Thursday that illegal immigrants have a duty to the world to stop coming to the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying some of them are making the trip knowing they have the disease and risk spreading it far and wide.
Mark Morgan, acting head of Customs and Border Protection, said illegal border crossings rose about 25% in July compared with a month earlier.
Mr. Morgan said dozens are packed inside stash houses and motel rooms, or stuffed into trunks or tractor-trailers, which he called “perfect incubators for COVID-19.”
“It’s not about migrants risking their lives any longer,” he said. “It’s way beyond that. Now they’re risking the lives of everyone they come in contact with.”
He pointed out that the migrants are defying their own countries’ travel rules by making the journey.
“They should comply with the travel restrictions of their own countries and heed the warnings of medical experts. If they do, lives will be saved,” Mr. Morgan said.
LINK: 33 American cities with the worst 
unemployment due to COVID-19
CBP encountered nearly 41,000 people attempting to enter the U.S. without permission last month, up from fewer than 33,000 in June. It’s the highest number recorded so far this year, and it signals the end to a lull in illegal immigration. Numbers plummeted in April and May during the height of the coronavirus crisis.
More than 90% of those nabbed are being processed  
and shipped out of the country immediately, with a two-hour turnaround for most.
The others are, in most instances, special humanitarian cases, such as children who appear to have been abused or trafficked.
The expulsions are happening because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention triggered part of the Public Health Act, which the administration says allows rejection of any unauthorized migrants.
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