Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Biden Is Absolutely the Vehicle for the Communist Takeover of the Democrat Party

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
Democrat nominee Joe Biden had his wife, Jill, interview with Dana Perino. One has to wonder if she ended up filling in because Joe has so many weird interview moments. While Jill vehemently denied Biden has any cognitive issues, that wasn’t even the funniest part of the interview.
Biden’s wife insisted the candidate is a moderate. She actually said he’s not right or left, just a moderate:
I give Dana Perino a ton of credit for keeping a straight face. She also gets points for following up and confronting Jill with Biden’s own comments that he will be the most progressive president in history. Jill stood firm. So is Joe lying, or is Jill?
That might depend on the audience. After all, the Biden/Sanders Unity Platform explicitly calls for defunding police agencies. Black Lives Matter leaders are demanding even more radical changes to the criminal justice system, and in an interview late last month, Biden responded “Absolutely” when he was asked if he would divert funds away from law enforcement.
Yet, just today, Biden said he supports additional funding for police. Perhaps it is a poll-driven statement as polls have repeatedly shown this is deeply unpopular. Especially among black Americans. From Gallup released today:
When asked whether they want the police to spend more time, the same amount of time or less time than they currently do in their area, most Black Americans — 61% — want the police presence to remain the same. This is similar to the 67% of all U.S. adults preferring the status quo, including 71% of White Americans.
Meanwhile, nearly equal proportions of Black Americans say they would like the police to spend more time in their area (20%) as say they’d like them to spend less time there (19%).
So, 81% of black Americans want police to spend the same or more time in their community. Hence, Biden reverses himself again. Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?
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