Monday, July 6, 2020

No, President Trump Isn’t Going to Drop Out

Leah Millis/Reuters
There's no way he quits without even trying to win the ultimate vindication for any president.
After he’s repeatedly survived the unsurvivable, we are supposed to believe that President Donald Trump might quit the presidential race before it truly begins because of a spate of negative polling.
This is the latest chatter among (unnamed) Republicans, according to a widely circulated Fox News report and cable-news talking heads.
Trump is a volatile figure and things could get weird if he’s far behind in the final weeks. But the idea that he is going to fall on his sword because the conventional wisdom has turned sharply against his chances runs starkly counter to all Trump’s predilections and past actions.
Good luck convincing him he’s going to lose after he survived the Access Hollywood tape that had GOP officeholders deserting him in droves, and after he prevailed on an Election Night when many people closest to him thought he was sure to go down to defeat.
There’s nothing any political consultant, pollster, or adviser can tell him about his dire political condition that he hasn’t heard, and dismissed, before.
If the polling looks bad for him now, Hillary Clinton had sizable leads in 2016, too.
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