Thursday, July 16, 2020

Many Americans Might Not Get Another Stimulus Check. Here's where things stand on another COVID-19 bill

If you were hoping for another stimulus check from the federal government, you might be in luck.
Well, some of you might be in luck.
Congressional leaders are hoping to have another coronavirus aid package ready by the end of the month, another tranche of funds to pile on to the $3 trillion already passed to counter the pandemic and its sweeping impacts on the country.
But while both sides of the aisle agree more funds will be necessary to help families, workers, businesses and the national economy recover, Republicans, Democrats and the administration still have significantly different ideas of what should be included in the next package, including the possibility of another stimulus check for some Americans.
Congress and the administration will have to work through their issues as coronavirus cases continue to spike in states across the U.S. and as crucial enhanced unemployment insurance benefits, which have helped millions of Americans stay afloat, are set to dry up in about two weeks.
Here's the latest on what the next coronavirus package could look like and the issues both parties have made a priority.
Another stimulus check?
Democrats and Republicans may have different ideas about what should be included in the next coronavirus aid package, but on this much they seem to agree: Many Americans need another stimulus check to help them bounce back from the economic hardships caused by the pandemic.
The sticking point: Who should get those checks and how big they should be.
President Donald Trump already has signaled his support for additional cash payments as part of the next recovery package. The House already has passed a Democratic bill calling for a second round of direct payments of up to $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for joint filers. Senate Republicans also appear to be on board with an additional round of stimulus payments, although they want to limit who would qualify.
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