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Federal Court Orders Trump Administration to Accept New DACA Applications, Indirect Pathway To Citizenship

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Decision ends weeks of uncertainty for undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. as children after Supreme Court ruling in June
A federal court in Maryland ordered the Trump administration on Friday to begin accepting new applications to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, ending weeks of uncertainty over whether the government would restart the policy after the Supreme Court ruled it was canceled improperly.
Judge Paul Grimm of the District Court of Maryland wrote that, in light of the Supreme Court’s ruling, “the policy is restored” to the way it operated before the Trump administration attempted to end it in September 2017.
For several weeks since the June 18 Supreme Court decision, immigration lawyers had begun submitting applications for the program on behalf of young unauthorized immigrants, often called Dreamers, who weren’t eligible to apply a few years ago.
About 66,000 young immigrants would have become eligible applicants had the program continued during the past few years, according to the Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan Washington think tank.
LINK: Judge orders DACA restart, including new
applications, indirect pathway to citizenship
This week, several lawyers reported receiving rejection notices on new applications. In a statement Friday before the federal court’s ruling, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services—the agency that handles DACA applications—said it had rejected those applications for clerical errors, such as omitting a signature or paying the wrong application fee.
A spokesman for the agency said the rejection notices didn’t indicate the correct reason applications had been rejected. “USCIS is working to correct future notices,” he said.
USCIS said after the court order that the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department are reviewing the decision, and declined to comment further.
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Judge orders DACA restart, including new applications, indirect pathway to citizenship

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