Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Death Rates Not Cases Is What's Important; COVID-19 Close To Losing Its Epidemic Status, and Other C-Virus Updates

Christopher Sadowski
The most dangerous flaw in the modern news media is their now constant vulnerability of becoming deeply invested in a particular narrative at the very start of a large story, and then having the ensuing tunnel vision prevent them from adjusting their reporting as new facts become available.
I am referring here to the news media’s obsession with using “new cases” as by far the most common, and often only, data point for evaluating how the nation is coping with the coronavirus crisis.
For more than two weeks, ever since June 19, when new cases in the United States went back over 30,000 in one day, we have been constantly bombarded with stories of how the virus is “spiking” in “record” numbers in many of the states (like California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona) that were not hit hard in the “first wave.”
Across the country, our number of new cases has indeed exploded to new levels during this time period (though, magically, the media tells us, very little, if any, of this “surge” can be blamed on Black Lives Matter protests/riots), and the news media, both at the national and local levels, have used these statistics to essentially create panic porn. The resulting public anxiety has caused several states to reverse their re-openings and cast a pall over major decisions currently being made all over the country, not just with regard to recreation options, but specifically with respect to the future of schools and major sporting events.
Obviously the “new case” data point is both real and relevant, but it is also now extremely misleading. By incompetently using the same measure of what a “positive” virus test meant in April, to what it now means in July, the news media is in the process of, quite effectively, sabotaging America’s recovery from this crisis.
The data, as well as basic logic, now makes it overwhelmingly obvious that nowhere near as many people who recently tested positive for the virus are going to die as did when this nightmare began. In fact, if the news media was inclined to do so (LMAO), there is potentially a positive story to tell with regard to our current numbers.
While the development has gotten scandalously little news coverage, the daily numbers of deaths with/of Covid has been declining with remarkable consistency for well over two months now.
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