Wednesday, July 15, 2020

DACA AMNESTY ALERT: (Pres Trump) We will be 'taking care of people from DACA' with 'very powerful immigration act'

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
President Trump vowed Tuesday that upcoming actions on immigration will be “taking care of people from DACA,” as he insisted he wants to solve the issue.
He also said he’ll soon sign a “very powerful immigration act” aimed at changing the standards governing some legal immigration, giving more priority to merit-based categories.
He said he has the power to take action based on a recent Supreme Court ruling that rejected his first attempt to phase out the Obama-era DACA program, but also invited him to try again.
“We’ll be taking care of people from DACA in a very Republican way,” Mr. Trump said. “We will be doing for DACA what the Democrats had a chance to do and they never did it.”
It’s not clear what that means.
After the high court’s DACA ruling last month Mr. Trump had initially instructed Homeland Security to try another phaseout. But last week, in an interview with Telemundo, the president said he would soon sign a “bill” granting DACA recipients a pathway to citizenship.
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