Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Biden and UN Sec Gen Call for New Left Wing Social Contracts

Biden takes UN’s tagline “Build Back Better” as his own.
Joe Biden calls his plan to radically transform America’s economy "Build Back Better.” There are four pillars of Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. Three that have already been rolled out are revitalizing domestic manufacturing and innovation, a $2 trillion environmental and green energy infrastructure initiative, and a $775 billion caregiving initiative. Biden will be rolling out the details of his final "Build Back Better" pillar, advancing racial equity, shortly. Biden has lifted the "Build Back Better” catchphrase from the United Nations he so reveres.
“Build Back Better” was used originally by the UN to describe the disaster recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction concept set forth in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. This framework was adopted at the Third UN World Conference in Sendai, Japan, on March 18, 2015. But now, following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, “Build Back Better” has become the UN’s clarion call for a new social contract and new global deal.
Biden, an avowed globalist, is also calling for a new social contract. In his commencement speech to Columbia Law School’s Class of 2020, Biden declared that COVID-19 should be seen “as a force majeure that compels us to rewrite the social contract that’s been scrambled by nature’s fury and human failures.” The close parallels between Biden’s vision of what such a new social contract would look like and the UN’s vision are noteworthy.
Starting with the United Nations, the central themes of the UN’s concept of a “new social contract” are a rapid transition to what it calls an inclusive green economy and an end to inequality worldwide. UN Secretary General Guterres spelled this out in detail in his Nelson Mandela Lecture entitled “Tackling the Inequality Pandemic: A New Social Contract for a New Era.” Guterres said that the coronavirus pandemic “has laid bare risks we have ignored for decades: inadequate health systems; gaps in social protection; structural inequalities; environmental degradation; the climate crisis.” Guterres added that “when building back better, we build back with inclusiveness and with sustainability, addressing the problems of inequality and addressing the problems of climate change." He called “not only for climate action, but climate justice.” On other occasions the Secretary General has warned of what he described as the “world’s climate emergency.”
Guterres also said in his Nelson Mandela Lecture that the world needs “affirmative action programmes and targeted policies to address and redress historic inequalities in gender, race or ethnicity that have been reinforced by social norms.”
On other occasions, Guterres has bought into the progressive narratives of so-called systemic racism, widespread police brutality, and the "racist legacy" of slavery.
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