Saturday, July 4, 2020

315 College Deans Tell Applicants, Academics Unimportant, Protesting for Racial Justice Is

If you thought that the modern campus was a warren of safe spaces, radical politics, and neutered learning, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Here's a statement by 315 college deans hot and fresh off the Harvard site about their priorities for incoming students.
This statement was developed in collaboration with admissions leaders and has been endorsed by leaders at more than 315 institutions across the United States. It describes what college admissions offices value and expect—and don't expect—from students during the pandemic.
I'll just give you the bullet points to show off the new normal.
1. Self-care
2. Academic work
3. Service and contributions to others.
4. Family contributions.
5. Extracurricular and summer activities.
Of the 5 points, only one has anything to do with the actual purpose of a college. And it's minimized and in second place.
2. Academic work. Your academic engagement and work during this time matters to us, but given the circumstances of many families, we recognize that you may face obstacles to academic work. We will assess your academic achievements in the context of these obstacles.
First place is about maintaining your safe spaces.
Self-care is of high importance, especially in times of crisis. ...We also recognize that this time is stressful and demanding for a wide range of students for many different reasons. We encourage all students to be gentle with themselves during this time.
Read the rest from Daniel Greenfield HERE.

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