Monday, June 8, 2020

We Don't Have a Racism Problem, We Have a Deep State Problem: The Hideous Police Killing of Duncan Lemp

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Who is Duncan Lemp?
Duncan Lemp is a name you’ve probably never heard. It’s never been on a picket sign or splashed all over 24/7 news channels. But Lemp was gunned down by police, unarmed, while he slept next to his pregnant girlfriend on March 12 of this year for the crime of owning a firearm. There were no riots or protests in his name. When his friends and family planned to protest the Montgomery County police in Maryland, they were threatened with a $5000 fine and a year in jail because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jim Bovard at The American Conservative has done a great job reporting on this story that no one else in the mainstream press seems interested in, maybe because Lemp is white and his death doesn’t help paint the police as racists in order to divide people and foment hatred. His death is simply not interesting to the race baiters, but it is terrifying and relevant to what happened to George Floyd and every other innocent person who has died at the hands of police.
Lemp was the subject of an anonymous call turning him in for suspicion of having a gun illegally. He was executed without a trial while he slept as a result of “red flag laws” that are in use in the state of Maryland and effectively erase due process. Five guns were found, none of them illegal.
…a Montgomery County SWAT team launched an unprovoked attack on the Lemp family home at 4:30 a.m. on March 12. Lemp was fatally wounded by the first shots that the police fired through his bedroom window. His family says he was sleeping in bed with his pregnant girlfriend at the time.
Police claim that they received an anonymous tip two months earlier that Lemp possessed firearms. The police department asserted Lemp was prohibited from owning firearms due to a juvenile conviction but there are apparently zero court records or other records to support that justification. Regardless of Lemp’s juvenile history, there was no evidence that he posed an imminent threat justifying a frontal assault that included throwing flash-bang explosive devices into the family home.
The coverup
The police are in overdrive to hide everything from the family who want answers. Even the arrest warrant used to attack him in his home has been withheld from the family. Montgomery County has spied on the family’s Facebook postings and sent their lawyer a nasty letter threatening them with fines and jail if they protested the police.
County prosecutor Haley Roberts sent a warning letter to Lemp family lawyers Jonathan Fellner and Rene Sandler: “Open source information indicates that your clients intend to participate in this planned protest” over the killing of Duncan Lemp at Montgomery County Police headquarters on April 25. “Open source” apparently means that the local police are tracking Lemp family members on social media, where the Lemp killing is still enraging legions of folks. Roberts warned that Gov. Hogan’s “‘stay-at-home’ order… does not appear to include planned protests.” Roberts stated that the county police department asked the lawyers to remind the Lemp family “of the Governor’s orders, as well as the charge from those orders and state law mandating law enforcement must enforce these orders.” At least the prosecutor did not hint that the SWAT team would attack them if they showed up.
Contrast this reaction by police to the protests over the killing of George Floyd where law-enforcement are just letting people burn down buildings and loot entire cities without any repercussions. But Lemp’s family is being stalked on social media by government agents and threatened with arrest should they try to speak up about this injustice.
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