Thursday, June 4, 2020

Virus Not Mutating To Become More Dangerous; WH Picks 5 'Finalists' for Vaccine Trials, and Other C-Virus Updates

The coronavirus isn’t mutating to become more dangerous, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.
Scientists around the world studying the virus have not found it to be mutating in a way that could pose a new threat, as some health officials feared early on, WHO infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said at a briefing.
“There are normal changes in this virus that one would expect over time,” she said, referring to the ways in which RNA viruses like the flu and the coronavirus mutate. “None of these changes so far indicate that the virus itself is changing in terms of its ability to transmit or to cause more severe disease.”
But COVID-19 is continuing to devastate the world, with outbreaks now moving to poorer nations like Mexico and Brazil after ravaging wealthier countries like Italy and the United States.
LINK: White House Picks 5 'Finalists' For Vaccine
Candidate Trials
Van Kerkhove said lockdown fatigue and a relaxing of social hygiene could still pose a significant threat, warning that the pandemic is “far from over.”
“People grow tired. It’s very difficult to keep up all of these measures and we must remain strong and vigilant — to have government fully engaged and people fully engaged as these lockdowns are listed,” she added. “That has to be done in a slow way.”
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