Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rioters Steal Police Guns & Destroy George Washington Statue. Can We First Stop The Mob and Then Worry About Police?

David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Getty Images
Now that our government has lost control over our cities, rioters are taking possession of police precincts and vehicles and now obtaining police-issued firearms. Is this America or Baghdad? Meanwhile, rather than pushing a united front on law and order, Republicans are tripping over themselves to pander to the mob and even try to out-Left Joe Biden on crime. Where does that leave the silent majority of Americans who want ordered liberty?
During one of the worst nights of rioting earlier this month, 45 handguns were stolen from one Georgia gun shop. Even worse, rioters are now stealing firearms out of police vehicles. When the politicians send the message to the rioters that they don’t have the backs of the officers, the police back off, use too little force, and allow the anarchists to burn their vehicles. Well, there are often valuable and potentially dangerous tools in those vehicles. Nearly three weeks after that night of rioting, Georgia authorities are still looking for two semiautomatic rifles stolen from burned-out cop cars belonging to Georgia Tech police. In addition, there have been dozens of car break-ins and guns have been stolen out of citizen cars.
Why is there no outrage from Republicans and no push for action to stiffen penalties for gun felonies during riots? They are sitting idly while the corrupt Fulton County prosecutor railroads two cops who acted in self-defense and have now caused police to cede the city streets to the anarchist mob.
This is a problem spreading across the country. 150 guns were stolen from a shop in Albuquerque. At least 40 firearms stolen from a Fayetteville, North Carolina, gun shop, at least 50 guns from a shop in Vacaville, California, and 34 from one in St. Louis.
Has Congress suddenly gotten shy about dealing with gun violence? Wouldn’t now be the best time to deter gun felons with stiffer sentencing? The very same people who push gun control are the ones seeking to avoid locking up gun felons at all costs. What if Republicans, instead of their pandering policing bill, brought a bill to the Senate floor to increase mandatory sentencing on gun felons for those engaging in a violent crime with guns or those caught possessing guns after being convicted of aggravated felonies?
What else would a sane Republican Party do? They’d allow good guys who don’t have a criminal record to carry everywhere. While we seek to deter bad guys with guns, why not allow peaceful citizens who undergo a background check and licensing to be able to carry in all 50 states, just as with driver’s licenses? This is especially needed now that roads, including interstate highway, are being blocked by mobs with unsuspecting motorists facing harrowing dangers of public lynching.
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