Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In 2020, President Trump Must Drain the Swamp One Last Time

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Since his election, President Trump has sought to dismantle the political establishment in Washington, D.C. “Drain the Swamp” is now a rallying cry for a reason.
And he is doing just that. According to a new report, the Trump administration is rolling back the regulatory state, slashing 4.3 rules for every one created. At the same time, the Trump administration continues to purge federal agencies of career bureaucrats who are failing to advance the “America First” agenda.
But the Washington swamp is resilient. John Bolton, President Trump’s one-time national security advisor and a Washington, D.C., staple, recently lashed out at his former employer, accusing him of advancing his own “personal interest under the guise of national interest.” Bolton also complained about being mocked by longtime Trump aides. Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, a fervent anti-Trumper, also toed the establishment line: He not only refused to support President Trump’s re-election campaign but also denounced the ongoing Hunter Biden probe as politically motivated.
Apparently, being anti-Trump means acting like a Democrat.
Unfortunately, parts of the Washington swamp have oozed their way back into President Trump’s orbit. In 2016, President Trump had no “official” super PAC. Various political organizations, including my own Great America PAC, competed to best serve the Trump election.
Ed Rollins
That competition worked. In 2016, Great America PAC emerged as America’s top pro-Trump super PAC, because our competitors brought out the best in us. This helped President Trump win 63 million votes in the process.
However, times change. For the past three and a half years, the “official” America First Action PAC has not been exposed to the same competition to sharpen its approach and help serve President Trump to the utmost. While America First is on the right side of the political debate, the PAC’s establishment mindset—evident in its spending inefficiency—makes it an ineffective servant to the re-election of President Trump.
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