Thursday, June 4, 2020

European politicians blaming each other for insane lockdown idea while US politicians double down

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As American politicians double down on locking down our lives, not only are European countries moving away from lockdowns, but some of their political leaders are engaging in a blame game over who thought of such a maniacal idea to begin with.
The Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper reported on Friday that contrary to the assertion of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen that it was the “authorities” and “the government’s recommendation that we shut down all unnecessary activity,” it appears that the National Board of Health never advised a lockdown. The controversy in Danish media stems from her use of the Danish word “myndighederne,” which means “authorities,” during the March 11 press conference announcing the lockdown.
But the Jyllands-Posten charges that no such authority gave consent to or recommended these measures. “As late as the day before the March 11 press conference, the board drew up a list of ‘possible actions’ against covid-19.”
“There were no shutdowns and forced interventions here. In addition, on February 28, Søren Brostrøm [director of National Board of Health] signed a recommendation which, according to jurists, meant that general encroachments on Danes’ freedom were excluded — e.g. forced treatment and barring of areas. Only in certain ‘specific situations’ did Brostrøm give green light for intervention. Kjeld Møller Pedersen, professor of health policy at SDU, states that ‘the government has abused health-care advice.’” (Translated from Danish by Google translate.)
It’s fascinating to watch politicians and the mainstream media in Europe trade barbs about who was responsible for the lockdown, as if it were the plague itself, while American politicians and media figures continue to embrace it. This comes on the heels of a blockbuster BBC report lacing into U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson for ordering the lockdown and ignoring science. There is now anticipation of major reprisal against him for going along with the lockdown.
The European media is now going after those who induced the panic as well. Yesterday, BILD, the widest circulated newspaper in Europe, ran a headline: “Drosten study on infectious children grossly wrong.” On April 29, German virologist Christian Drosten published a paper claiming, contrary to nearly every other study, that children can transmit COVID-19 just as much as adults. In turns out that, instead, his own data show that children carry an 86 percent lower mean viral load than adults. Imagine media in the U.S. going back to all of the assertions made by the purveyors of panic in recent weeks and debunking them.
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