Sunday, June 7, 2020

'Defund the police' a New Land Mine for Biden as Democrats Warm to the Idea

The campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is being forced to grapple with a new political landscape that includes creeping support within the party for defunding the police, a notion that is anathema to the moderate swing-state voters Biden desperately needs.
The "defund the police" movement has its roots in the kind of political radicalism accompanying the Weatherman bombings of the 1970s. But the idea is now seeing support among mainstream Democrats, including a senior adviser to 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Many Democrats and left-wing activists have dropped calls for reforming law enforcement in the country and instead opted to demand the police lose their funding altogether.
LINK: Police groups break with Biden
"Defund the police," Brian Fallon, who also served as a spokesman for Attorney General Eric Holder, tweeted on Wednesday. That sentiment was extended to sitting Democratic politicians, including members of the Minneapolis City Council, where some of the worst rioting and looting occurred.
Biden's campaign remains worried supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are still suspicious of his candidacy. Many of Sanders's most vocal supporters, including the Democratic Socialists of America, have joined calls to "defund the police."
In particular, black voters under the age of 35, have failed to unite behind Biden. In many primaries, even in the South, those voters broke for Sanders.
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Police groups break with Biden

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