Saturday, June 13, 2020

C-Virus Risk in Common Travel Activities; Transgender Health Protections Revoked, and Other C-Virus Updates

Travel in the middle of a global pandemic presents challenges, with each activity carrying its own level of risk for coronavirus.
Joseph Khabbaza, a pulmonary and critical care physician at the Cleveland Clinic, said some of the biggest questions he's getting relate to travel activities.
Khabazza, who treats coronavirus patients, said the primary path of transmission is contacts with respiratory droplets produced by infected people. Face masks, physical distancing, frequent handwashing and cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces have become standard across the travel sector.
"Every industry has interventions in place to make things safer," he said.
The Cleveland Clinic has been helping United Airlines develop its coronavirus mitigation policies, including mandatory face masks, touchless kiosks and physical distancing.
LINK: Trump administration revokes Obama-era 
transgender health protection
"Companies are bringing in outside health experts," Khabazza said. "That can be a little bit reassuring."
Khabazza, who's taking a 500-mile road trip with his family to Long Island, New York, offered his thoughts on the relative risks of different travel activities and best practices.
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