Monday, June 15, 2020

Anarchy Will Rule In Every Major City

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Call it reverse broken windows policing. Police are treated as criminals and criminals are exalted as oppressed and entitled to riot with no consequences for assaults and property damage. The result? Record shootings and homicides in some major cities. This is only the beginning.
The societal and cultural response to the killing of George Floyd is closely paralleling the response to coronavirus. Just as with the virus, the lockdown killed more people than the ailment itself, the rioting in response to George Floyd’s death will lead to thousands more deaths in the long run and is already directly and indirectly responsible for exponentially more murders – primarily of black citizens.
On Sunday, a record 18 people were killed in Chicago in the worst single day of violence in 60 years, since the University of Chicago’s crime lab began keeping records in 1961. In total, over the weekend, 92 were shot and 27 succumbed to their wounds. All of the pictures of the known victims indicate they were African-Americans. And unlike with coronavirus, nearly all the victims were very young with much more life to live. Who is going to kneel on the ground for them? Who is going to pass legislation deterring repeat violent offenders, ending bail and parole for career criminals, and prescribing tougher sentences on gun felons? Well, certainly not the people using George Floyd’s death to promote the exact opposite.
The reality is that at least 17 people have been killed so far during the riots. However, as we see from Chicago and other cities, an unknown number – possibly totaling in the hundreds – have died likely as the result of police taking a hands-off approach to their work. The results of the riots and the war on cops are more deadly for African-Americans than anything imaginable.
Here is an eyewitness account of downtown Chicago by anti-gun violence activist Rev. Michael Pfleger: --->
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